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Note: This chart is not completed, and quest production is in progress.

Wiki Quests Edit

Quest Name Min. Level Starter NPC Location Province Difficulty
The Identifying 3 Ascento Maltic Plains Wynn Easy
System Error 4 Celab Ragni Wynn Medium
Ragnimagination 4 Yudi Ragni Wynn Easy
Emeralds From Heaven 5 Ren Nivla Forest Wynn Easy
Endgame 5 Ori Nivla Forest Edge Wynn Medium
The Speed of Light 5 Laudio Road to Elkurn Wynn Easy
Envy 6 Zell North Nivla Forest Wynn Medium
Time Theory 6 Supreme Nivla Forest Entrance Wynn Hard
Zombies In Ruins 7 Rye Zombie Ruin Cave Wynn Easy
From Fruma 7 Newvu Ragni Wynn Medium
Acid Rain? 7 Randy Ragni Wynn Medium
The Rain Dancer 8 Zordag Nivla Forest Wynn Hard
The Wheat Fields 8 Armur Katoa Ranch Wynn Easy
Rat Burrows 9 Ella Katoa Ranch Wynn Easy
The Roaming Undead 9 Lamter Coastal Trail Wynn Hard
Crabshells 9 Shabby Coastal Trail Wynn Easy
Theft Stoppers 10 Grut Maltic Wynn Medium
The Angry Orchard 10 Rico Detlas Wynn Easy
Overwhelming Depression 11 Samm Near Den Of Evil Wynn Medium
Roots Of Corruption 11 Detlas
Elkurn Camp 12 Nivla Forest Center
Road Of Heaven 13 Xanthan Peaks Of Fate Wynn Medium
Door Of Time 13 Time Valley
Time Valley Treasures 13 Time Valley
Timeless Town 14 Elkurn
The Hallucinations 14 Anagon Pigmen's Den Wynn Medium
Pentapower 15 Joa Ragni Mountains Wynn Hard
Driven Insane 15 Insanity Plateau
Savanna Fever 16 Savanna
Invasive Pirates 16 Bolean Pirate Bay Wynn Hard
Corroding Junk 17 Geologist Black Road Wynn Medium
Witheraway 17 Black Road
Deadhand Mansion Part I 17 Ternaves
Deadhand Mansion Part II 18 Deadhand Mansion
Technical Error 19 Ceese Door Of Time Wynn Medium
Danger On The Docks 20 Nemract
Reaching The Peak 20 Mt Wynn
Follow The Route 20 Ancient Nemract
Grave Combustion 21 Saint's Row
Pathway Isle 21 Nemract
Beary Scary 22 The Bear Zoo
The Lion's Breath 23 Disyl Lion Lair Wynn Easy
Corrupted Powers 24 Wizardry Master Mage Island Wynn Ocean Hard
The Abandoned Hideout 24 Abandoned Mine Shelter
Secrets of the Beanstalk 25 Mage Island
Breathless 25 Seavale Isle
Selchar's Bank 25 Selchar
The Creepy Canal 26 Selchar
Berserk 27 Enythe Mt. Wynn Laboratory Wynn Medium
Corruption Cave 28 Bremminglar
Everlasting Hate 28 Almuj
Sub Trouble Part I 29 Flo (Phase I) Underwater Route Wynn Ocean Hard
Half Moon Temple 30 Half-Moon Island
The Deadly Arch 30 Pathway Isle
A New Moon 31 Half-Moon Island
Broder Village 31 Broder Village
Instant Reaction 32 Gorand Abandoned Mines Wynn Medium
Durum's Dying 32 Desperate Farmer Durum Isles Wynn Ocean Hard
Spirits Of Danger 33 Abandoned Mines
People In Peril 33 Igloo Town
Pitfall 34 Elkurn Cliff
Nessak's Truth 34 Igloo Town
Without A Doubt 34 Archway Isles
Bridge Breakers 35 Rymek
Forbidden Weapons 36 Hozano Invaded Barracks Wynn Easy
Aldorei's Bone 37 Leroda Mesa Wynn Medium
Forty-Seven 37 Mesa
The Corruption Case 38 Corruption Island
Raiding The Banks 38 Rymek
Past And Present 38 Haiku Island
Disabling The Machine 39 Mesa
Aggressive Times 40 Ido Half Moon Island Wynn Ocean Medium
Temple Of Heroes 40 Janar The Forgery Gavel Hard
Taiga Trail 41 Nessak
The Quartz City 41 Levigar
We're Not Alone 42 Levigar
Acrophobia 43 Lusuco
The Slowsand 43 Almuj
Under The Islands 44 Kellar Dujgon Nation (Ice Islands) Wynn Ocean Medium
Portal to Something 45 Karoc Quarry
Spectral Caverns 45 Levigar Plains
A Small Price 45 Levigar Plains
Optimum Inventory 46 Nodguj Nation

(Ice Islands)

Wynn Ocean
Eggstreme Mission 47 Karoc Quarry
Dernel Shadows 48 Lomaan Dernel Jungle Wynn Medium
The Rat Caves 48 Maple Lusuco (ToA) Wynn Medium
Sub Trouble Part II 49 Flo Seavale Reefs Wynn Ocean Hard
The Topaz Trials 50 Topaz Bremminglar Wynn Hard
History In Flames 50 Nowest Olux Gavel Hard
The Block Beater 50 Ood Levag Island Gavel/Wynn Ocean Hard
Falling Skies 51 Olux
Blank Space 51 Olux
Currency Conundrum 52 Parcidine Rymek Wynn Easy
Ascending Isles 52 Levigar
A Lone Life 53 Volcanic Isles
The Overhang 53 Skiens Island
Railway To Nowhere 53 Levigar Plains
Ditch Of Fire 54 Volcanic Isles
Unbinding Of Corruption 54 Olux
Scrolls Of Future 55 Qanz Sprite Cave Gavel Medium
Atlas Of Mystery 56 Raz Bucie Gavel Medium
Nemract's Secret 56 Brumming Lake
Deadly Perimeter 56 Skiens Island
Pits Of Despair 57 Volcanic Isles
Death By Greed 58 Palm Cavelands
Flashback 59 Ragni
Critical Panic 59 Asteroid Crater
Gavel's Bane 60 Srando Palm Cavelands Wynn Ocean Easy
The Abandoned 61 Jugnod Nation (Ice Islands)
Suffocate 61 Pre-light Forest
The Other Side 62 Trance Kander Forest Gavel Hard
Codebreaker 63 Volcanic Islands
Mammoth Cave 64 Utzah Dark Forest Gavel Medium
Airship of Terror 64 Cursed Commander Letvus Airbase Gavel Hard
Heartbeat 65 Appara Kander Forest Shelter Gavel Medium
The Ruby Trials 65 Ruby Gelibord Gavel Hard
Wandering Thoughts 66 Cay Pre-light Forest Gavel Medium
The Squadron 66 Delma Skiens Island
Sub Trouble Part III 66 Flo Magma Seas
Stolen Treasure 67 Pirate Cove
The Cobalt Legends Part I 68 Maro Peaks
A Future Of Corrupt 68 Gelibord
Hidden Figures 69 Dark Forest
Deadly Overture 69 Maro Peaks
Dreamscapes 69 Efelim
Mager Mountain 70 Pre-light Forest
Cliffside Climbing 71 Light Forest
Forces Of Gravity 71 Ahmsord Beach
Lord of the Clock Part II 72 Bulbo Gelibord
Root Invasion 72 Troms
The Ancient Shipwreck 73 Pirate Cove
One Life Remains 73 Kander Forest
Futuristic Fantasies 73 Troms
Outbreaks 74 Lexdale
Firing Squad 74 Cinfras
Back To The Past 75 Kander Forest
Pools Of Poison 76 Cinfras
The Ancient Ribs 77 Cinfras
Signs Of Life 77 Lexdale
Ozoth's Spire 77 Thanos
Dangerous Dinner 78 Ozoth's Spire
Codebreakers 79 Thanos
Sweet And Sour 79 Gert Camp
Thrown Down Under 79 Cinfras
Ceasing to Exist 80 Gert Camp
The Gold Trials 80 Gold Thanos
Motum Magia 81 Aldorei
Gavel's Cities 82 Aldorei
The Lost Tribe 82 Canyon Of The Lost
Entrepreneur's Enigma 83 Aldorei
The Cobalt Legends Part II 83 Lexdale
The Sakura Mountains 84 Canyon Of The Lost
Scorched Remains 84 Aldorei
Island Artifacts 84 Dead Island
Divisible Slimes 85 Cinfras
The Molten Palace 86 Dogovi
Waterfall Mountains 87 Canyon Of The Lost
Ancient Rock 87 Thesead
Breaking The Chains 87 Thesead
Group Erode 87 Canyon Of The Lost
The Molten Heights 88 Eltom
Lava Leak 89 Eltom
Middle Of Nowhere 89 Canyon Of The Lost
Molten Mysteries 89 Molten Chamber
The Place Of The Pines 90 Eltom
Treasure Within 90 Kandon-Beda
The Dogovi Sinkholes 91 Dogovi
Volcanic Hysteria 91 Molten Chamber
The Emerald Caverns 92 Kandon-Beda
The Cliffside Caves 93 Thesead
Stone Statues 94 Canyon Of The Lost
Eruption! 94 Molten Heights
Bridge To Somewhere 94 Kandon-Beda
Snail Invasion 95 Snail Island
The Diamond Trials 95 Diamond Rodoroc
Boiling Freeze 96 Molten Heights
Bunker Twenty Four 97 Canyon Of The Lost
The Angels Of Despair 97 Ahmsord
The Cobalt Legends Part III 98 Rodoroc
The Palace Of Ice 99 Ahmsord
The Truth 99 Ahmsord
The Story 101 ??? ??? ??? Hard

Along with the Wiki quests, I found some quests online! Thank you all the following Wynncraft Forum users for these ideas! Also, thank you to @King Kaelan for making a page of these! I decided some people should voice their opinions, and that this wiki is for everyones' ideas.

NOTE: Some quests will be edited.

Forum Quests (Ideas) Edit

Quest Name Min. Level Starting NPC Location Starting Point Province Difficulty Idea By: (Wynncraft Forum Username) Reccomendation Level
The Enemy Returns 98 Rik Sky Islands Gavel Hard @Witcher 8
The Return Home 75 Ragni's King Ragni Wynn Hard @DohdoEXE 8
What Roams Above 91 Phineus Molten Heights Gavel Hard @DownDeeper 9
The 3rd Legionnaire 57 Wynic Historian Skiens Island Wynn Medium @RainbowSlug 7
Flames Of Disaster 95 Gavel Scientist Molten Heights Gavel Medium @iEddie 8
The Spirit Of Bob 95 Lora Cinfras Gavel Hard @XllayPVPX 6
The Cookie Jar 70 Benjamin Cinfras Gavel Medium @Endertricity 7
Making A Date 59 Jess Bucie Gavel Medium @SPYROHAWK 8
Epitaph 41 Vasco Lumberjack Village Wynn Easy @The One-eyed Guy 9
Falling Shadows 86 Addalis Cinfras Gavel Hard @The One-eyed Guy 8
Tombs Of The Fallen 72 Elsas Dead Island Port Wynn Ocean Hard @The One-eyed Guy 10
Bairy Tree 65 Isaac Detlas Suburbs Wynn Hard @Bear 9
Necromancy 101 21 Roniam Elkurn Wynn Hard @<-Nub 8

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